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//////NEWS///// Main page almost done!! nothing else done bc im slow!! /////NEWS/////


sunday - 6/17/24 - 5:18am

ignore the posting time btw. not much to say today but big news anyways i got a burst of motivation so i (finally) fixed positioning and layouts so it doesnt use absolute positioning, is able to change zoom without breaking everything and overall its less janky (and actually centered now, wow). I also got the basic layout for blogpost pages done but i kinda have to remake it now to fix positioning.


school is fucking me over but i came back to work on the site wooooo. anyways added klonoa as a decor bc ive been obbesed w him recently and updated mood stuff, more updates soon maybe ill learn js at school soon so maybe that will bring some improvements (if the teacher decides she wants to teach for once). some things to look forward to if the stars align is getting back to finish the blogposts maybe and revamping the look of the site if i can but idk.

tuesday - 2/1/24 - 2:26am

not much to say honestly but the main page is almost finished, most of the things missing are custom stuff and or decorations so ill get them done later but for now ill start working on other pages probably the next one will be the blogpost one so i can write about anything i want which was the main point of the site. anyways the changes done are: positioning remaining contents, added chatbox using cbox and changed up some more text

sunday - 31/12/23

its new years eve but i still wanted to make a bit of progress for the site so here we are (also updates from now on will be more than just a list) anyways i couldnt make a lot of progress cause i got distracted but i changed up some text in the about section and started formating some of the contents for the right side of the page but they arent done yet so maybe tomorrow or the day after they will be done i hope

idk when

  • Made basic visual style
  • Finished about box
  • Finished "me" box
  • Added Navigation box
  • Added oneko


hello! im Tab and this is my own little corner of the internet where i put all my thoughts about videogames and other interests and thoughts i might have at the moment, currently my main interests are Splatoon, Rythm Heaven, Sonic, Scott Pilgrim, Smt/Persona, Kirby and Bocchi the rock so expect me to talk about those topics. i also do the occasional pixel art piece once every full moon.
i am kind of a mess most of the time and suck ass at socializing online but feel free to interact with me if you want and ill try to respond if i can. also i suck at finishing projects so if the site has unfinished pages or i stop updating it its a skill issue on my part, either way im still fairly active on my other socials so i will show signs of life there.

Current mood... dungueon meshi brainrot
Currently listening: I wish for the rain - Liana Flores
Currently playing: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's veil

To do list

  • finish the main page
  • find gifs and pics to put in the decor boxes
  • do assets
  • learn to use catbox to host decor and other assets
  • make other pages - current one: blogposts
she just like me


Music player im too lazy to put it in rn

klonoa :3